Hidden Messages on WhatsApp, Here’s How to Do It

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Hidden messages on WhatsApp is one of the features that are widely applied by WhatsApp users for various purposes. WhatsApp does offer a lot of very useful features to improve the experience of its users while using the application. Of the many features that exist, this time we will discuss one of the features to hide messages or chats easily and simply.

Hidden messages on WhatsApp

Hidden Messages On WhatsApp, Here’s the Tutorial

Hiding chats is quite easy and simple because users don’t need to use other applications or try other troublesome ways. Here are the steps to hide chats in the WhatsApp application and on the web.

Hiding Messages in the WhatsApp App

How to hide whatsapp chat? According to mobiletrans-wondershare-com, the first way is open the WhatsApp application on your phone and then decide which chats to hide. After that, long press the chat until several options appear at the top of the application. If you want to hide more than one chat, then select another chat as well. Finally, press the archive icon with a box with a downward arrow. Done, the message is hidden.

​Hiding Messages on WhatsApp Web

Hidden messages on WhatsApp web is also quite easy and simple. The first step is to open WhatsApp Web through a browser. Select one of the chats and click the arrow that appears in the chat then select “Archive Chat”. Another way is to right-click the chat and then select “Archive Chat”.

Benefits of Hiding Chat on WhatsApp

Hiding messages in the WhatsApp application is indeed an easy and simple step. However, hiding messages is important and beneficial. The benefit is that it can help maintain the confidentiality of conversations with other people that are important and confidential. Because, other people will not be able to peek at hidden messages on WhatsApp when the owner is opening WhatsApp.

In addition to being able to keep the conversation private, hiding these messages can also make the appearance of WhatsApp neater. Because on the main page you will not see a pile of chats that are too many from some people. Therefore, hiding this message is suitable for WhatsApp users who like neatness, including in terms of chat. This method can also make it easier for users when they want to find someone’s chat on WhatsApp.

Hidden messages on WhatsApp are indeed quite easy both through the application and the web. Users only need to take advantage of the chat archive feature for free without the hassle of downloading other applications. This way, the confidentiality of the conversation will be better maintained because other people cannot peek at the message.