Use The WhatsApp Channels Feature, Here The Easiest Way

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Using the WhatsApp Channels feature is easy. But, not everyone knows how to use it properly or has even never tried it.

Channels is one of the newest WhatsApp features. Meta launched it around June 2023. But, this feature was not welcomed by most WhatsApp Users.

Most of them who are against this channel think that this feature is useless. There’s nothing important with it.

But, how do you know that when you haven’t tried it? Here is how you use it properly!

Use The WhatsApp Channels Feature, Here The Easiest Way

How Use The WhatsApp Channels Feature?

In June 2023, WhatsApp launched its new feature, WhatsApp Channels. This feature resembles Instagram.

As we know, WhatsApp is now under Meta ownership. Since then, WhatsApp has initiated the global rollout of its future.

WhatsApp now asserts that the Channels Feature will offer the user a dependable private, and straightforward forward to receive crucial updates from individuals or even organizations within the WhatsAp environment.

This new WhatsApp feature serves as a tool for one-way broadcasting. That means, WhatsApp Channels will allow administrators to send text messages, stickers, polls, and even photos or videos.

The Key Features

If you are still new to this, you don’t have to worry so much. Because using the WhatsApp Channels feature is not that hard.

You can easily understand it. Even most users just have to do a one try to understand how this new feature works.

To help you get started on this new WhatsApp feature, here are some key features that you should know!

  • Reactions: First, key feature is a reaction. You can react to the messages to give feedback and see count of total reactions. How you react is also not shown to followers.
  • Enhanced Directory: This is a key feature to find channels and follow them that are already filtered based on your country. You can also view the channels that are most active and popular based on their followers.
  • Forwarding: Last, this is to forward an update to chats or groups. All updates will include a link back to the channel so people can find out even more.

So, you can follow the channels you are interested in. Then, you can subscribe to it anytime. After subscribing, you will get all the updates from that channel, and so you will never miss out on the news from what you love.

To use the WhatsApp Channels feature is so easy. It also gives you easier access to the newer news. You can use this channel to find your favorite topic.