Clear Storage Space on WhatsApp, Make Your Phone Not Slow

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Clear storage space on WhatsApp could be a step for you to try. Sometimes people experience problems with smartphone storage space with a small capacity. The reason is that this will make users overwhelmed.

Because, if the smartphone storage is full, some applications cannot run properly. Therefore, it is necessary to delete some files or documents. However, what you consider is not important for the system to run properly.

Clear Storage Space on WhatsApp, Make Your Phone Not Slow

Clear Storage Space on WhatsApp, Understand the Steps

This application does offer a feature to clear storage space. For this reason, it will help your smartphone to run normally again.

Select Large Items

The first step to clearing storage space is to choose items that are large in size. The reason is, this method is quite easy, namely by selecting the chat whose items you want to delete. Then you can click more. If you have clicked after, click select data and storage. After that, click manage storage and continue several times, larger than 5MP until you can also select a specific chat.

Apart from that, you can also select the sort icon which is useful for sorting items. However, based on the newest, oldest and largest categories. Usually the file size will be seen in the top corner of the item.

Deleting Items

You also need to choose to delete items, then they will be deleted from WhatsApp media. The reason is, in some cases, even though you have deleted them, the items are still stored on the device. So it would be better to delete the copy on the device.

There is a fairly easy way to delete items, namely by clicking More options and selecting settings. Then you can click on data and storage. Next, click manage storage and tap repeatedly, larger than 5MP. You can even select specific chats that you want to delete.

In this section, clear storage space on WhatsApp by clicking the select all option if you want to delete all items at the same time. However, if you want to delete individual items, click and hold the item you want to delete. Next, select the other items you want to delete so they are deleted all at once.

Deleting Items Through Search

You can now also clear storage space by deleting individual items via the search feature. The method is also quite easy and just click search. After that, select photos, videos or documents. If so, click the item you want to delete. Then click more and please delete. However, if the available storage space on the device reaches its limit, it will not function properly.

For this reason, now you need to try clearing storage space on WhatsApp. The reason is that the WhatsApp application can run smoothly.