Guide to Lock WhatsApp Chat, Increase Security and Privacy

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Lock WhatsApp chat is easy and doesn’t take much time. WhatsApp itself is a popular chat application in the world that always consistently updates advanced features.

The existence of this WA application provides ease of communication between long distances and makes it seem unlimited. You can do various communications, ranging from voice notes, video calls, calls, and chatting quickly.

When communicating using the WhatsApp application, you must be connected to the internet network and have a good signal connection. If you do not pay attention to these two things, then communication cannot go well.

You can use the WhatsApp application via iOS and Android for its operation. Even downloading this application is fairly easy and free. To increase the security of your chat privacy, there are ways to lock it that you can do. You can continue to see the discussion of this article.

Lock WhatsApp Chat

Various Easy Steps to Lock WhatsApp Chat

Locking chat on WhatsApp is the best way to maintain the privacy of your communication users. Surely as a user, you want social media privacy, especially private chats that not everyone can access.

Applying privacy to the WA application will protect you from the ignorance of friends and family when they want to borrow your cell phone. The name is also human, sometimes some appreciate and respect the privacy of cellphone users. However, some people don’t have that thought. Instead, they are just curious and ignorant to open chats without the knowledge of the cellphone user.

If you don’t want to experience this incident, here is a WhatsApp chat lock that you can apply to your cellphone:


The first way to lock private chats, be it groups to other chats on the WhatsApp application via PIN. This method is fairly simple and also the most WA users do.

Here are the steps, make sure you follow them correctly:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Then click the vertical three-point icon in the upper right.
  • Just select the Settings section.
  • Then click on the Account section.
  • Then select privacy.
  • Stay fingerprint lock.
  • Enter your fingerprint.
  • WhatsApp will automatically be locked.

Through Two-Step Verification 

The verification pin is a WhatsApp feature that serves to protect all existing data. So that even chat cannot be accessed by others. If someone who is not responsible wants to access your WA account, they cannot just log in because there is a PIN that has been set.

Here are the steps to lock WhatsApp chat with a two-step verification PIN:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Tap Account.
  • Select the “Two-Step Verification” menu.
  • Create a new pin in the form of a six-digit number.
  • Don’t forget to enter an email as a data complement.
  • Your chat will automatically be safe and comfortable.

So, those were some steps to lock WhatsApp chat that you can apply to protect your WA account to avoid curious and ignorant humans. Certainly in that way, irresponsible parties will not be able to access it.