How to Make WhatsApp Stickers, Anti-boring Chatting Activity

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How to make WhatsApp stickers you can try. Stickers can make chatting on WhatsApp feel more exciting so you don’t need to hesitate to practice the method below. The more interesting because the WhatsApp application tutorial is very diverse.

How to Make WhatsApp Stickers

How to Make WhatsApp Stickers Easily

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications with many users because it presents various features in it. One of these features is the existence of stickers.

WhatsApp provides many stickers that users can use to liven up chats via chat. Apart from using the available stickers, users can also download additional ones.

Not only that, you can also make your own sticker according to your wishes. Regarding how to create WhatsApp stickers is relatively easy so you don’t need to hesitate to try it.

How to Make WA Stickers Online with the WASticker Site

One of the ways you can do to make WhatsApp stickers is to utilize the site. In this case, there are many websites that you can use.

One of these sites is WASticker. Regarding how to make WhatsApp stickers, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step you need to do is open a browser on your cellphone.
  • Then access the wasticker site
  • The next step, you can click Select Image. Don’t skip this step because it allows you to choose an image that will later become a sticker.
  • After that, crop the photo as desired.
  • Continue by entering your WhatsApp number.
  • If so, you can select Create. Later the sticker creation will be processed immediately. You just wait until the process is over.
  • When it’s over, you can click Send. This step allows the system to send the sticker results you created to your WhatsApp account.
  • Next you can click the sticker image.
  • From here you can choose Add To Favorite.
  • The stickers you create will automatically enter the WhatsApp sticker library section. You can use these stickers to enrich chats with other WhatsApp users.

When you try to create WhatsApp stickers above, make sure the device is connected to a stable internet connection. If the internet network is weak, then the process will take longer and even stop halfway.

Another application that you can also use in how to make WhatsApp stickers is This application is compatible with smartphones that carry the iOS base such as the iPhone.

Because it uses an iPhone, then you can download via the App Store. After downloading it, you can immediately install it on your iPhone. Only after that, you can look at how to make WhatsApp stickers below.

  • Open the application that you have installed on your iPhone.
  • Then choose the plus icon at the bottom.
  • After that, click Regular and enter the photo you want as sticker material.
  • Remove the background by utilizing three options ranging from Auto, Crop, and Manual.
  • When the background has been removed, you can create stickers according to your creativity.
  • When you have finished creating the sticker, continue by clicking Text. This step allows you to add text to the sticker.
  • You can also click Emoji to make the sticker look more attractive.
  • Select Next and save the sticker result.
  • Continue by clicking New Pack. This step is to add stickers in a new sticker pack.
  • You can also click Add if you want to add to an existing package.
  • So that you can use the sticker, then just select Add To WhatsApp.

How to make WhatsApp stickers you can indeed do via various devices. Starting from PCs, Android smartphones, to even iPhones.

Benefits of WhatsApp Stickers

You don’t need to hesitate to try how to make stickers on WhatsApp because it offers many benefits for each user. One of the benefits is that it can make the atmosphere during chatting feel more exciting and exciting.

The use of WhatsApp is indeed highly recommended for those of you who easily feel bored during chat. In order not to lose the mood, you can use these stickers so that the chat runs smoothly.

In addition, stickers are also useful in providing additional information to other WA users. This benefit is increasingly felt if you run a business.

You can rely on WhatsApp to notify customers. For example, when there are new products or attractive promos.

After listening to the description above, now you don’t need to be confused anymore about how to make WhatsApp stickers via any device. Because it’s easy, eliminate your doubts to try making it on your WhatsApp.