Making Colored Writing on WhatsApp, Here’s How Easy It Is

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Making colored writing on WhatsApp is very easy to do. By changing the writing color, you will not be bored and seem monotonous when using the instant messaging application. As we know, WhatsApp application users are the most in the world than other instant messaging applications.

Because indeed the features in the WhatsApp application are fairly complete and easy to use.

Making Colored Writing on WhatsApp

How to Making Colored Writing on WhatsApp

In fact, the WhatsApp application has an interface and is very easy to learn by users from various groups, from children to the elderly (elderly).

Until now, WhatsApp continues to develop its features, including writing styles and colors. That way, you can make italicized, bold, or strikethrough writing.

This WhatsApp application allows users to change the font size in chat. However, it is not possible to provide colors for fonts on this messaging platform.

Even so, you can still change the writing to color. The way you have to use additional applications.

Summarizing from various sources, here are some ways you can do to make the writing on WhatsApp colorful.

Use the Fancy Text Generator Application

Download the application via the App Store or Google Play Store from your smartphone. Then open the application and click the top tab.

After that, type the message you want to write in the top column and choose the writing style or text according to your wishes.

How to Send to WhatsApp

If you want to send the colored writing to WhatsApp, just click the copy mark next to the colored writing.

After that, open WhatsApp and then enter the chat chat of the person you will send a message to with colored writing.

Later the colored writing will appear after being copied. The trick is to press and hold on the chat column until the words Paste appear.

After that, you just have to select the colored text, then click the Send text if the colored text has appeared in the chat column or text message.

Using the WhatsBlueText Application

Another way to making colored writing on WhatsApp is to use the WhatsBlueText application. As the name implies, you can only use this application to change the color of the text on WhatsApp to blue.

First, open the application first after you download it via cellphone. Then select Fancy Text and write the text in the top column as you wish.

Besides being able to make the writing colorful, you can also change the writing style as you wish.

How to Send Writing to WhatsApp

If you have written the text by changing the font you want, then select the type of text then copy and share it to WhatsApp.

You can also share the text to several other applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Line.

Using the Text Art Application

The next way to making colored writing on WhatsApp is to use an application called Text Art. Surely not many WhatsApp users know about this application.

That’s why you must know how. Because in addition to WhatsApp short messages, you can also use the application on other social media.

As for how to make it, you open the Text Art application. But first download it using your cellphone, both iOS and Android.

After uploading, open the application then write in the available column what you want to send to friends or others.

Change the Writing

After writing what you want to send, click the Ok icon next to the text. Later you will find various styles.

You can choose it and adjust it, starting from TextArt Presets, Change Font, Background Image, Text Layout, Change Colors to Save Image.

How to Send to WhatsApp

If you have finished changing it and adjusting the text you are going to send, click Send to which is located on the right side of the top.

After that, select the WhatsApp application, then select the friend to whom you will send the colored text. Later the colored text will be in the form of an image so you can immediately send it to the person you are addressing.

Using the Blue Text Application

The last way to making colored writing on WhatsApp is by using the Blue Text application. This application changes the text on WhatsApp which was previously black to blue.

You first download the application via the Google Play Store, then open the application, then type the text you want. Later the text you write will automatically turn blue.

How to Send to WhatsApp

After writing the text, click and hold until the Copy or Copy text appears on the text that you have previously changed the color.

Next, open your WhatsApp then select the contact to whom you will send the unique writing. After that, you just have to press and hold until the Paste text appears.

When sent you will successfully making colored text on WhatsApp. Good luck!