Maximizing Multimedia Sharing on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp multimedia sharing is one of the features of WhatsApp that we can maximize well. Currently, the WhatsApp application has become an application that almost everyone has. Its easy-to-use features make this application chosen by many people.

There are lots of features that can make things easier for us. However, we can still maximize the various existing features. We have to explore all the features available on WhatsApp.

That way, we can get maximum benefits. In this era, we have to seek more knowledge. That way, we can get the best things.

Maximizing Multimedia Sharing on WhatsApp

Make the Best use of WhatsApp Multimedia Sharing

Currently, technological developments are happening so fast. To survive, a technology company must have a lot of innovation. WhatsApp is an application that continues to grow.

There are lots of updates made by WhatsApp every period. Group Video Calls, HD image sending, Status, up to now the newest is video screen sharing. Well, this innovation is made to make things easier for users.

Therefore, you are obliged to maximize this innovation. Share Screen Video is a form of WhatsApp multimedia sharing product. The following are uses of Share Screen Video that you can do.

You Can Use it to Do Online Tutorials

Doing tutorials online will be easier. When your friends, younger siblings, parents, or colleagues need help but it is difficult to explain in writing and you are far away, this method is quite effective too.

With this shared screen, it can make it easier for you to provide tutorials. Well, of course, they can understand better because it is explained directly even online.

Online Meetings

Usually, a company has a WhatsApp group to coordinate. So, to hold online meetings you usually have to use another application. Remember, previously WhatsApp did not have a screen share feature.

So, now you can maximize the features on WhatsApp. You can hold meetings online by using the video call group feature as well as the share screen feature.


For those of you who are teachers or lecturers, you can also take advantage of the WhatsApp feature. You can send photos and videos via chat, make group video calls, and can also explain the material more clearly using the share screen video feature.

So, those are the efforts you can make to maximize the WhatsApp multimedia sharing feature. We have to be clever to take advantage of opportunities from technological advances.