WhatsApp Status Updates: Sharing Your Moments

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WhatsApp status updates now have many features. The reason is that WhatsApp status itself is a way for someone to share updates with close friends or contacts via a messaging application. Later the status on WA will disappear within approximately 24 hours. In WA status you can share photos, videos, GIFs, text, and so on.

Just like private calls and chats, WA status is also protected with end-to-end encryption. So that users can do various things safely and privately. So what are the features embedded in WA status?

WhatsApp Status Updates Sharing Your Moments

Various Features in WhatsApp Status Updates

Along with its presence, the WhatsApp application developed some new features for WhatsApp status to make it easier for users to express themselves. Can also connect with other people. For this reason, here are several new features in WA status.

Private Audience Selector

The reason is that all the statuses that users share may not always match everyone in contact. So, WA has provided flexibility for users to update privacy settings per status so they can choose who can see the status. Each user uploads a status. The latest viewer selection will be saved and become the default option for the next status.

Voice Status

Users can upload their status in the form of a voice message. You can even record and share voice messages up to 30 seconds long on WA status.

Users can use status in the form of sound to share more personal updates. Especially if users in expressing themselves feel more comfortable speaking than typing.

Status Response

The next WhatsApp status updates are status responses. This is useful as an easy and fast way to respond to status updates that come from the user’s close friends and contacts.

A statement from WhatsApp is that this feature is the number one feature that many users want. This follows the launch of a response in the previous year. Then, users can easily reply to any status by swiping up and selecting one of several emojis. Users can reply to status using text, voice messages, stickers, and so on.

There is a Profile Circle for New Updates

Similar to Instagram Stories, now WA statuses also come with a circle on the user’s profile to provide some information to the audience if there is an update for a new status.

This way, users will not miss the status of the person they are monitoring. Later the circle will appear around your square profile photo. This will happen if each of your contacts shares WA status updates. Users can see these circles in the chat list, group participant list, and contact info.

Link Preview on Status

Nowadays, if a user uploads a link on status. Then you will see a visual preview of the content automatically. This is almost the same as when you send a message. The status preview will make the WA status interesting, and give your contacts a better idea of ​​the contents of the link. Before another user clicks on that link.

WhatsApp status updates have been released to users globally. So it will be available to everyone in the future.